I Galli Boi in Emilia Romagna:

Monte Bibele

If the 5th century a.C. marked the apogee of the Etruscan presence, from the beginning of the 4th century the Galls irradiate in the whole region and them selves beyond the Po river: the Senoni, in the territory between Montone and Esino, the Boi, in the center of the Emilian region, the Lingoni in the Adriatic area.
This overlapping gives birth to forms of composite culture, of wich a significant example is given by the recent discoverys of Monte Bibele close to Monterenzio: while various metallic findings recall the Gallic people, the inscriptions on the pots and vessels, offer the unequivocal testimony of the Etruscan presence.

This ipertext has been produced by Federico Fornasari, Luca Gambassi and Petra Righetti.

Work director: Anna Maria Zironi.