The hypertext "Il Gattopardo: from the novel to the film" tries to analyze and to compare a best-seller of  twentieth century literature, the novel by Giuseppe Tomasi di Lampedusa published in 1958, with the very famous film made 1963.
Some icons appear on the left: the first (Home) refers to the initial pages of the hypertext, the others to the initial pages of each subsection, author, fiction, film, paintings, music (L'autore, Il romanzo, Il film, Pitture, Musica) which make up the work. By clicking index  ("Indice") you will obtain the general summary, including all the treated items.
This page, like the initial pages of each subsection, can be read in French and English.
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Contributors to the realization: the teacher of Art, Silvana Veneziano and the laboratory technician, Villiam Gaiba.
Acknowledgements: Alessandro Candeli from I.R.R.S.A.E.E. for suggestions and contributions.